Centering for Seniors Medical Research
Mobility and Fall Reduction

Research USA - CH 2018 - 2021

Quality of Life Improvement for Seniors - Maintaining Mobility & Reducing Falls
New interventions for Mobility maintenance and Fall reduction in Seniors are being developed and researched in the USA and Switzerland. The Swiss program is under the direction and collaboration of the Basel Mobility Center at Felix-Platter Hospital (Dr. R. Kressig, Dr. S. Bridenbaugh). The USA program completed Phase I in winter 2014, with the collaboration of Harvard Medical School (Dr. S. Bhasin). Phase II was completed in 2015 and Phase III is targeted for 2018 - 2021. Please check back for the newest information as it is developed.

See our program page on the non-profit Legacy of Wisdom site . Below is information about the first Phase I completed at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital in 2014.
Click here for more information about the original field-test program in 2014:
DRIVING LONGEVITY - 2014 completed Oct. 2014